Who We Are...
Ml Enviro Roofing & Waterproofing INC. is a Vancouver B.C based commercial roofing contractor that has become an industry leader. We service buildings ranging from single story commercial structures to large industrial and high rise complexes. Ml Enviro Roofing & Waterproofing INC. was founded in 1983 and operates throughout British Columbia.


We Provide...

Experienced professionals and tradespeople
Service excellence
Quality products
Competitive pricing
Experience and Expertise
Peddie professionals have the experience, skills, and creative abilities to design, install, repair and create custom maintenance programs that meet unique and diverse needs. From one-story commercial structures to high-rise complexes, Peddie Roofing provides long-lasting solutions for your roofing problems.

Vision and Values
Peddie owners and employees adhere to clear set of values and principles. Empowering our people to be the best that they can be is central to our management system. 

Professional conduct
Training and Experience