General Renovations...

Ml Enviro Roofing & Waterproofing INC can restore your older buildings. Restoration isn’t always simple; the work involved can either be minimal or colossal. Our company offers consulting services for renovation, restoration, and expansion. We bring all of the building trades together at the heart of our company to give life to your projects. That’s how we can guarantee speedy implementation, global supervision, and consistent meeting of deadlines, resulting in respect for your project and your budget! In short, we have all the qualities required to handle your projects.

Our services :
* Ceilings
* Painting, all decors
* Facades
* Insulation
* Plaster – Suspended Ceilings
* Tiling
* Installation and maintenance of toilets
* Installation of vapor barriers and thermal insulation
* Restoration work
* Facade cladding
* Patio construction
* Bathrooms
* Floor tiles – Toilets
* Laminate application – Flooring
* Natural stone and granite
* Patios – Stairs
* All surrounding areas
* Pavers and slabs
* Walkways and parking areas
* Facades – Insulation
* Polished concrete – Mortex




General Renovations